Design makes me think a lot…and it’s too much!

I’m so freaking tired nowadays! What is the main reason for that? The answer would be definitely ‘DESIGN’! It’s already the beginning of Week 6 of my first semester of my last year of study in degree in architecture. Time flies, and so deadlines are approaching very soon. Design module is the most essential and the heaviest subject among all the modules learnt throughout every semester. I can feel it…my brain is very tired already…My brain is not a computer…even a computer can be not responding!

The first project is already a hectic and a crazy one. In less than four weeks with only two tutorials per week, we need to design three structures of small pool and canopy based on three schools of thought in architecture; technics, poetics and civics. Time is our greatest enemy and the bed is the thing we love the most. I spent almost every night staying up till 3 to 4 am to force myself to think, draw, render, and compose! Once you have settled the thinking part, the remaining one would takes a lot of time but at least you have a direction to proceed already.

So, the biggest problem is the first part; the thinking part. It is not easy to think on designing three pools with canopy each at the same time. At first, we need to understand deeply on the meaning of the three schools of thought, then we need to know on the approach from our chosen precedent studies, and finally developing our own idea for the design assignment. Sorting out an idea is already time consuming. I think I have been using the most of my brain recently, not attempted before in my previous semesters. And don’t forget, it’s only the first project. The final project is going to be much heavier, deadly and costs more percentage.

I have to think of a better solution to my design, and once I think too much, I am being dragged to a world of questions, popping out in my mind as though I am lost in the world of architecture. Now I realize that architecture can really makes mind goes crazy. Once you have a great idea after serious thinking on it, then it would be much easier and better for you to proceed…but it is very hard to achieve that! Sketching out the idea is good, but is definitely not enough for submission.

I really think a lot on these few weeks. Thanks to the three concurrent designs I’m facing with everyday…and I admit that I have been abandoning other subjects too, like history and culture, building technology and building science. Sorry for the other modules. Will get back to these subjects after settling on design submission. Now, I still have to think deeply on why I’m designing like that. All questions should be answered and all issues should be tackled. No more questions should come out again which will hurt my designs a lot. I have to be clear and clarified on my idea…and that needs thinking again….I think there must be a lot of white hairs growing out already…no wonder many of the famous architects have their head bald….Hopes that I’m not going to have the same fate as them in future…haha…

Thinking isn’t as happy as what you see from the man in the comic above…Okay….back to thinking again! Haiz…


2 Responses to “Design makes me think a lot…and it’s too much!”

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