Tonight gonna be the night, Guangzhou 2010

2002 – Guangzhou expresses early intention to host Asian Games, after successful Beijing 2008 Olympic bid.

2004 – Guangzhou officially won the bid to host 16th Asian Games after Kuala Lumpur withdrawn due to high cost of hosting the event.

The bidding video:

2005 – Proposal submitted earlier for the planning of the games was revised and taken into action. Everything in words were then started to be realized.

2006 – Guangzhou learning from the successful 15th Asian Games in Doha, aiming to outbeat previous games. Guangzhou promoting 16th Asian Games at Doha 2006 closing ceremony.

2008 – All new infrastructures were in schedule of construction and existing ones were being in process of upgrading. Guangzhou learnt from the successful Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

2009 – Guangzhou aiming to get more sponsors,and with help of the capital, Beijing, Guangzhou is planning for a grandeur games. Everything is on track.

2010 – All infrastructures were ready and tested, public plazas and parks were built, public transportations were upgraded, iconic landmarks were built, the people (volunteers, organizers, residents) are ready, Guangzhou is prepared…

——————— 12th November 2010 ———————

The night that everyone around the world is anticipating for a successful beginning of the world largest Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010.

The night that everyone would love to watch an interesting, exciting and surprising opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010.

The night that every hard works by the organizers and volunteers are paid off and they would be proud of their achievements over past 6 years.

The night that all Asians would be proud of becoming Asians, as China representing Asia showcase the best of the best, in history of sporting event, on par or even surpassing Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

The night that many people would be seated in front of television to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony beginning 8pm (time of China, same with Malaysia), including myself…


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