Unexpected result..happy with it!

just now the men single final of the Wilson Swiss Open 2009 just ended…the most surprising thing is that Lee Chong Wei defeated Lin Dan in just two straight games (21 – 16, 21 – 16).

It was the sixth time in 18 meetings that Chong Wei managed to beat Lin Dan.

latest photo taken from the games by The Star:


Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia who is the current world number one due to his ‘always’ appearance in final of badminton tournaments…while Lin Dan from China is always absent for tournaments despite his ultimate skill…

Pictures of Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan (from www.badmintonasia.org):

Both of them always met together, especially in the final…notably in the Beijing 2008, when Lee Chong Wei had too much pressure and being defeated by Lin Dan awefully…He also had been lost to Lin Dan, the Super Dan several times..winning him only few times…

But now in Swiss 2009, due to luck and better skill, Lee Chong Wei won over him in about 52 minutes time…quite unexpected result..but I’m very happy with it..just too excited to see him win because it is very hard to see him winning over Super Dan!

Picture from China Photo Press:

Both are almost perfect in badminton…good attacking, smashing, defensing and tricking skills…sometimes badminton depends on luck too, especially on ‘in’ and ‘out’, corners and on net. Congratz to Chong Wei again! It seems that Lin Dan felt angry again..he doesn’t want to play seriously anymore as Chong Wei has his match point…he is always like that..when he wins, he will smile and be proud, when he loses, he will shows his angry face and sometimes flies his racket…

every competition has its victory and failure..just accept it, Lin Dan! Chong Wei really did well this time, ending China proudness in badminton eventhough they are really great in badminton field! Just now in prize presentation, it seems like no money is given to winners…only souvenirs, is it…no stage for winners to stand on it somemore…haiz…

anyway, both are real good badminton players..my favourites!

one more, one more….

Our men doubles, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong from Malaysia won over Boe Mathias and Mogensen Carsten from Denmark: 21 – 14, 21 – 18.

Won in two straight games again in just 39 minutes, I think this time our Malaysia pair did not pretty well but still can win due to a lot of net errors by the Denmark pair…Malaysia got skills in badminton too but Denmark got ultimate strength in smashing..luckily, Malaysia won this time!

Haha….Malaysia got two champions out of five, in men single and men doubles, others all won by China for sure…luckily this time the games is not dominated again by China like in previous All England 2009 when China grabs all five titles..this time, China with three and Malaysia with two! Bravo to Malaysia again!

Let us show to China that they are not always the dominant in badminton, beware of Malaysian players…haha….All the best to Malaysian players in future!


so fast one year…

still remember last year around this time, i got my SPM 2007 results…quite a satisfying one but dun care of it already since by that time, I am already in university!

Honestly, the SPM results or even the trial results are only a little useful during enrolment. After that, they dun even care whether you got sit for the SPM or not!

Congratz to all my fellow friends who took the exam last year and just got their results…Happy that my former secondary school is listed among the top schools in KL for SPM 2008…as well as in STPM 2008 in which one of the boys (deaf and mute boy) is awarded the national top student in STPM 2008..congratz to him again! It shows that disabilities do not hinder him from succeeding in his future!

huh…a lot of assignments to do…hate it! Assignments are always burdening people! No stress to me, please! Hahaha….Enjoy your life!

Dubai, The Futuristic City

When somebody ask you which cities in the world now has the characteristics of a futuristic city? Then, everyone would answer the same, Dubai.

Dubai is the most populous emirate out of the seven emirates in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is also the only emirate that undergoes tremendous development.

Few decades ago, Dubai is just a small unknown town in a hot desert. Now, it has been one of the world famous city due to the tourists’ attraction. Rapid growth still continues in the city despite the recent global financial and economic crisis…

There are so many developments in the city, with hundreds of constructions going on, including some extreme engineering projects that are to be mentioned below…

Dubai Internet City

– information technology park.

– free economic zone, strategic base for companies targeting regional emerging markets.

– officially opened in October 2000.


Dubai Media City

– a tax free zone, regional hub for media organizations.

– over 84 towers in the city section.


Dubai Knowledge Village

– offers facilities for training and learning support activities, a free economic zone.

– includes of training centres, HR companies and professional centres.


Dubai International Finance Center

– a near-shore financial hub for the MENA, containing a capital market designated as a financial free zone.

– There are six primary sectors of focus within the DIFC: Banking Services (investment banking, corporate banking and private banking); capital markets (equity, debt instruments, derivatives and commodity trading); asset management and fund registration (fund registration, fund administration and fund management); reinsurance; Islamic finance and back office operations.


Dubai Healthcare City

– targeted at the healthcare and the pharmaceutical industries.

– consists of collection of medical teaching institutions, private hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical offices and research centres, and spas and rehabilitation centres. It also includes some residential villas, apartments, and 5-star hotels surrounding an artificial lake, and is designed to promote medical tourism.


Dubai Maritime City

– multi purpose maritime zone.

– consists of an Academic Quarter, Marine District, Harbour Residences, Marina District and Industrial Precint.


Dubai Sports City

– apartment building with several sports facilities.

– has a multi-purpose outdoor stadium (60 000 seats), cricket ground (25 ooo seats), indoor arena (10 000 seats), field hockey stadium (5 000 seats), a 18-hole golf course.

Dubai Studio City

– part of Dubai Media City too.

– cater to the production needs of the region and has plans to build movie studios.

– will have pre-built studios, sound stages, workshops, backlots and stage areas, a broadcast centre housing offices and post-production studios, and a business centre for freelancers. The cluster will also house film and television academies, location approval services, entertainment and retail spaces, and hotels and residential facilities to accommodate crews and casts.


Dubai Silicon Oasis

– technology park, aiming to become a world centre for electronic innovation, research, and development.

– Comprising office towers, R&D and industrial zones, educational institutions, apartments and villas, hotels, healthcare and a range of lifestyle facilities, DSO provides a dynamic commercial and social environment.


The World Islands

– man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the shape of the world map and located four kilometres off the coast of Dubai.

– built primarily using sand dredged from the sea.

– 9km in length, 6km in width, surrounded by an oval breakwater.

– will have different type of developments on these small islands based on the needs of the buyers.


Dubai Marina

– district in the heart of new Dubai.

– whole marine is entirely man-made and will contain of over 200 highrise buildings like some supertall skyscrapers, Dubai Marina Towers, The Torch Dubai Marina, Infinity Tower, The Princess Tower, Tamani Hotel Marina, Marina Terrace, Le Rêve (Dubai) and Horizon Tower.

– when completed, will become the world largest man-made marine.


Dubai Business Bay

– a central business district which features numerous skyscraperslocated in an area where Dubai Creek will be dredged and extended.

– will have upwards of 230 buildings, attracting commercial and residential developments.


Dubai Metro

– driverless, fully automated metro network in Dubai.

– will be the longest fully automated rail system in the world when completed in year 2010.



– an entertainment complex, divided into four phases.

– will include 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects.

– will have theme parks like Dubai Walt Disney World, Sahara Kingdom Theme Park, Dreamworks Theme Park, Six Flags Theme Park, Freej Dubailand, Marvel Superheroes Theme Park, Legoland Theme Park.

– Other open attractions: Dubai Autodrome in Dubai Motor City, the Global Village, Al Sahra Desert Resort.

– Seven Zones (Worlds)

  • Attractions & Experience World 13 km² (5.2 mile²)
    • Warner Bros. Movie World
    • Legoland Dubai
    • Six Flags Dubailand
    • Dreamworks Studios Theme Park
    • Universal Studios Dubai
    • F1-X Theme Park Dubai
    • Tiger Woods Dubai
    • Bawad
    • Falconcity of Wonders
    • Fantasia
    • Freej Dubailand
    • Marvel Super Heroes Theme Park
    • Tourism world
    • Legends of Dubailand
    • Aviation World
    • Islamic culture and Science World
    • Global Village
    • Kids City
    • Giants World
    • Water Parks
    • Sahara Kingdom
    • Dubai Snowdome- cancelled as of 2008
  • Retail and Entertainment World 4 km² (1.6 mile²)
    • Flea Market
    • World Trade Park
    • Auction World
    • Factory Outlets
  • Themed Leisure and Vacation World 29 km² (11.2 mile²)
    • Women’s World (LEMNOS) 
    • Destination Dubai
    • Desert Kingdom
    • Andalusian Resort and Spa
  • Eco-Tourism World 75 km² (28.9 mile²)
    • Al Sahra Desert Resort
    • Sand Dune Hotel
    • Al Kaheel
    • Bio World
    • Animal World
  • Sports and Outdoor World 19 km² (7.4 mile²)
    • Dubai Sports City
    • Emerat Sports World
    • Extreme Sports World
    • Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club
    • Dubai Motor City which includes Dubai Autodrome
    • Dubai Golf City
  • Downtown 1.8 km² (0.7 mile²)
    • Mall of Arabia, which will be the world’s largest shopping mall
    • City Walk
    • Restless Planet
    • The Great Dubai Wheel
    • Virtual Game World
  • Science and Planetariums
    • Astrolab Resort


Dubai Mall

– one of the world largest shopping mall.

– has the world largest acrylic panel for the Dubai Aquaria in the mall.


Dubai World Central

– consists of residential city, logistics city, enterprise city, commercial city, golf resort and an international airport.


The Palm Islands

– artificial islands on which major commercial and residential infrastructure will be constructed on.

– consists of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.

– will be over 100 luxury hotels, exclusive residential beach side villas and apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas.



– the world first underwater luxury hotel and resort.

– Reinforced by concrete and steel, its Plexiglas walls and bubble-shaped dome ceilings will enable guests to see fish and other sea creatures. It is basically divided into three sections: the land station, where guests will be welcomed; the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel; and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It will cover an area of 670 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park, and will cost an estimated £300 million. It is self-acclaimed to be a 10-star hotel and will be charging circa $5,000 per room per night. The hotel was scheduled to open in late 2006, however due to the engineering and environmental difficulties of constructing an underwater hotel the project is currently delayed and is now expected to be complete sometime in 2009.


The Universe Islands

– a cluster of islands forming the shape of the universe (solar system).

– will be located between the Palm Jumeirah, The World, the Jumeirah coast and the Palm Deira.


Dubai Falcon City

– project to build a city in Dubai with life-size replicas of the seven wonders of the world plus modern wonders.

– when viewed from space, the city will looks like a falcon.

– project is on-hold.


Dubai Festival City

– large residential, business and entertainment development.

– Middle east largest mixed-use development.

– Once completed Festival City will comprise a series of residential communities, numerous hotels, malls, a golf course and other entertainment sites, and a full suite of public services, including schools.


Jumeirah Lake Towers

– 79 towers being constructed along the edges of four artificial lakes.

– centerpiece is the Almas Tower.



– 120 floors, 618 metres tall, currently under construction, will be completed by 2011.

– will be the tallest all-residential building when it is completed.

Burj Dubai

– almost completed, has already topped out at 818m, the only structure in the world that exceeds 800m or even 700m.

– 169 floors, designed by Adrian Smith (Skidmore, Owings and Merill).

– will be the world tallest structure and building when it is completed by the end of year 2009.

Proposed and Approved Constructions:

Nakheel Tower

– proposed and approved supertall skyscraper, standing at a height of over 1200m with over 200 floors.

– designed by architect, Woods Bagot, construction is currently on-hold and is to be continued by 2010.

Dubai Waterfront

– will be the world largest waterfront and world largest man-made development when completed.

– a conglomeration of canals and artificial islands, will occupy the last remaining Persian Gulf Coastline of Dubai.

– mixed use including commercial, residential, resort, and amenity areas. The vision of the project is “to create a world-class destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the world’s fastest growing city”.

– the artificial islands will form an arc, producing a shelter to the Palm Jebel Ali island.

Dynamic Tower

– proposed 420m skyscraper, 80 floors.

– architect: David Fisher.

– The tower is expected to be architecturally innovative for several reasons:

Uniquely, each floor will be able to rotate independently. This will result in a constantly changing shape of the tower. Each floor will rotate a maximum of 6 metres (20 ft) per minute, or one full rotation in 90 minutes.

It will also be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules. 90% of the tower will be built in a factory and shipped to the construction site. This will allow the entire building to be built in only 22 months. The only part of the tower that will be built at the construction site will be the core. Part of this prefabrication will be the decrease in cost and number of workers (90 instead of 2,000 needed). The total construction time will be more than 30% less than a normal skyscraper of the same size. The majority of the workers will be in factories, where it will be much safer. The modules will be preinstalled including kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The core will serve each floor with a special connection for clean water, based on patented technology used to refuel airplanes in mid-flight.

The entire tower will be powered from wind turbines and solar panels. Enough surplus electricity should be produced to power five other similar sized buildings in the vicinity. The turbines will be located between each of the rotating floors. They could generate up to 1,200,000 kilowatt-hours of energy. The solar panels will be located on the roof. Construction of the Dynamic Tower, is expected to be completed in 2010.


There are actually a lot more projects in Dubai that are not mentioned here.


Burj al Arab

– 321m, 60 floors, designed by Tom Wright.

– stands on an artificial island 280m out of Jumeirah beach.

Rose Tower

– 333m, 72 floors, world tallest all-hotel building.

Emirates Office and Hotel Towers

– 355m (office) and 309m (hotel).

– symbol of Dubai city.

The Atlantis, Palm Island

– a five star hotel, including a water theme park, conference center and retail stores.

– grandest opening ceremony of a hotel ever, with $16 million spent just on the 100 000 fireworks that exploded over the whole Palm Jumeirah in around 15 minutes.


Information is taken from wikipedia and from some reliable websites. Pictures are from the internet too.

Really wished to go there for holiday trip!


not a relaxing Saturday…

Every week, Saturday will be the only day for me to wake up late…other days I have to wake up like around 7.50am just to follow my dad to his office and then go to university…Sunday have to wake up early morning for jogging…

today..haiz…need to wake up early too..went to do some trials on the project called as ‘Wunder Wall’. This project focuses on soild construction. Students have around one month on this project and have to do the final model in 8 hours right in the university for display…

the wunder wall can be only made of small MDF blocks and only UHU or Blue Tag can be used for some opening…and there must be of at least 2o percent of opening in the structure which one of it should fit a tennis ball on it…challenging!

today just try, try and try with other group members, totalling 3 people…I have tried quite a nice and creative one..but I worried that I will forget the steps in making the design on the submission day that time…quite fun and interesting actually during the process…but sometimes can be exhausting especially when it collapses under certain unwanted movement…

just came back and very tired..still have few assignments left incompleted..but luckily Monday is a public holiday, at least got one and only day for me to rest!

just got the news that Chong Wei is the only one left in the All England 2009 Badminton Tournament…last hope on him..hope he will do his best in semifinal (against Taufik Hidayat) and the awaiting final (maybe against Lin Dan or Chen Jin)…hope he wins!

ooh..please..just got another news of large demonstration of the Malays to convert the teaching of Science and Mathematics back to Malay..I wonder why they are against English, which is the main international language of the world and have benefited us too…We are still keeping the use of Malay Language in other subjects…They honestly shouldn’t do like this without thinking!