Finally, the Wunder Wall!

today, 22nd of March 2009, is not an ordinary day in Limkokwing University…today is the submission of the Assignment 1: Wunder Wall from the module; Building Technology 101 under Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture.

For this assignment, I have to work in a group of three students and construct walls full of creativity, with 25% opening, with one opening to fit a tennis ball, major portion of walls exceed 30cm in height and showing solid construction. The main criterias in marking are the clarity of idea, richness of content, appropriateness of form and neatness of work.

This task needs 8 hours to be completed on the spot, in the Architectural Courtyard in the university.

Today, woke up very early, 6.10am already woken up from little sleep…very blur…then go to university with all the things equipped…

Our group number is 18…we find our place and started the assignment as planned earlier. We started the Wunder Wall around 7.30am with the construction of the platform in the middle.


Then, we construct the wunder wall which is based on the concept of maze; not only a type of maze but two; straight maze in smaller region and curvy maze in the larger region of the plinth.

But before that, I constructed the tower in the middle of the platform first. Then, i stopped the construction of it to let it to be resumed later.


Then, i construct the curvy maze while my friends construct the straight maze and the four towers at the corner of the designated area for our design. [Sorry, can’t expose much on our brilliant design]

The straight maze:



The curvy maze:



Two of the four towers (corners) – the same design:


The middle development:




Next, i construct little bit of the exterior wall and resumed the construction of the tower in the middle…at first, the design of the central tower should be similar to Burj Dubai, but after some changes, it looks more like the Angkor Wat like what every of our classmates said…


During the assignment, a lot of people looked at us, from first to the highest floor, or even from the ground floor, maybe they are over excited to see what we have been doing…haha…

Finally, our wunder wall was completed right on time..then the lecturers said ‘STOP’, ‘TIME’S UP’. Luckily, we had enough time in finishing our masterpiece. Then, a lot of people looked at our work and took pictures of it.

We have used up almost all of the 14 000 MDF blocks that we have bought for the assignment which costs over RM 880. Then, we cleaned up the mess around us and we found out that from 7.30am till 3.30am, we have not eat anything or even drink anything…incredible right? Great sacrifice of  energy and effort for the project…

Let’s see our final outcome, our masterpiece:









Marking session began…all of us have to be out of the region where all the wunder walls are placed…the lecturers marked, marked and marked, pretty fast..average three minutes for each wunder wall…i think there are total of over 30 wunder walls in the area…


Then, it is our turn..luckily, we get some good response from the lecturers..we satisfy all the requirements, very complicated, dense and beautiful (I can say, haha). Luckily, no part of our wunder wall collapsed..thanks God! in the process of constructing, we had some minor collapses which does not affect much on our final outcome…

It is heard from the lecturer that our group is one of the groups with the highest marks..the percentage of the task is 100 and we got around eighty group got over ninety something…it will be converted to the final marks of 30 anyway…quite happy with the results..

Haiz…but then, now it is time to destruct our whole wunder wall sadly…our 8-hours work come into nothing but back to normal MDF blocks…sad…anyway, it is an enjoyment as well as an effort-wasting assignment.

Pictures gallery of all the wunder walls:

really very tired, eat nasi lemak oso no feeling to my stomach already…not hungry anymore…not thirsty anymore..really very tired…got some time go took some photographs of other groups’ works…pretty amazing! The scene there in the courtyard is nice too!


come back here to my home, find some time to write this long post and insert some pictures for u all to see!

Very tired…really need to sleep..bye!