Directories for my blog…

There will be directories for my blog here…since my blog has over 90 is pretty hard to find a related post in my blog…

here, you can search the categories….there are 5 categories in my blog, namely:

a) All about myself – if u would like to know about my daily activities and some interesting events, check out in this category.

b) Buildings, Structures, Skylines and Architecture – if u are interested in the field of architecture, this category is the best place for you to find some posts you like.

c) Shocking News and Fantastic Results – some news and results related to some field of my interests.

d) Wonders and Places – if u would like to know more on some tourists’ hot spots and destinations, some great and amazing places, check out this category.

e) Others – other posts….

You can also search through my blog by tag or title.

Is my directories useful for you? If not, feel free to ask me.

If u would like to contribute some info in my blog, u can become the official contributor of this blog under my administration..special privilege only to my friends…just give me your email….

Be part of my blog, be the reader of my blog…thanks for ur support….

Anyway, this post is under category of  ‘Others’.

Just for information, my blog has reached over 17 000 hits…happy with the results…this blog will be updated time to time when I am free…



Vincent Loy (The Administrator)