Famous Architectural Pieces in the World

Buildings – a lot, just mention few skyscrapers here…

Taipei 101 – current world tallest building (Burj Dubai not completed yet)

Shanghai World Financial Center – very simple but interesting form, distinctive looking aperture on top.

Petronas Twin Towers – current world tallest twin buildings, engineering marvel on its skybridge 170m above ground.

Bank of China Tower – can be known as first skyscraper of Asia.


Stadium – Surely the Beijing National Stadium, commonly known as the Bird Nest Stadium.

Bridge – Golden Gate Bridge, always appear in Hollywood movies especially when the movie sets on San Francisco.

Museum – Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, the form looks interesting and contrast to the surrounding.

Tower – CN Tower, the former world tallest free standing structure…

Theater – Let me choose two, …

Sydney Opera House, icon of Sydney and Australia.

Beijing National Theater, commonly known as the Egg Shell, looks very modern, going into the building through underground tunnel.

Airport – Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal Three, design based on the legendary dragon, very huge.

Ancient building – The Forbidden City, world largest existing imperial palace, Chinese architecture.

Project (Under construction): Burj Dubai. (world tallest man made stucture)

What I have stated above is the famous architectural structures in the world…not the greatest…for greatest, ┬áit is hardly to say, depends on anyone thoughts…feel free to comment….

All the list above only deals with built structures except the category of Project (Under Construction).

Here you can see the beauty of architecture!

Behind it let us appreciate the architects,

who tried so hard with full effort in designing these,

For all to see and for all to admire,

This is really making the Earth a world of beauty!