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Pray for MH370.

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Really a heartbreaking news today. Woke up this morning to hear my dad calling home to inform that a Malaysia Airlines’ plane had gone missing on its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. From that moment onwards, I kept refreshing several pages of local and international online news portal the whole day to look for latest updates of the tragic incident in hope that nothing bad will happen to the plane.


The plane departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 12.40am in 8th March 2014. It is supposed to arrive at Beijing International Airport on 6.30am. However, the signal from the plane is lost at about 1.30am or some says 2.40am in the midnight. From the time onwards, the plane is officially missing at the South China Sea between Malaysian and Vietnamese water. The search and rescue effort is still on-going as no sight of the plane or its wreckage is found so far.

There have been a lot of false rumours spreading today including news of the plane having made a safe emergency landing at Nanning, China. The Vietnamese authority also reported that the wreckage has been discovered near one of its islands but this had not been confirmed yet. Kindly stop spreading lies and check the truth first before sharing. It is now almost 20 hours after the ill-fated plane is reported missing. This is really sad as many had expected the worst already.

What angers me is that the airline department and authority here did very little things or acted very slow in the first few hours which are very critical to determine the fate of the plane and the 239 passengers on board (227 passengers and 12 crew members). Shameful. Fortunately, now, we have search and rescue teams also from various countries. Really appreciate their emergency assistance.


This tragedy had been making headlines as breaking news in various international news including CNN, BBC, etc as this is a major event, but of something extremely saddening. Will update this post when the discovery of the plane is known. Pray for MH370.

Just got back from Eason’s Life in KL Concert 2013

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The last time I watched a concert was on two years ago by Sammi Cheng, a ‘Cantopop Queen’ at Genting Highlands. Over the years, Cantopop in 1990s and early 2000s remains as my most favourite music genre. This year, another Cantopop legend came to host a concert in KL, and he is Eason Chan. Eason is a prominent Hong Kong male  singer whom is often regarded as the third ‘God of Song’ after Samuel Hui and Jacky Cheung. His concert themed ‘Eason’s Life in Kuala Lumpur’ was held successfully at Stadium Merdeka on 19th October 2013 from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.


(Image source:

My sister first shown interest to watch his concert few months back and I decided to join since it has been quite some time for me not attending any concert. It’s time to reward myself a time of live music entertainment on a Saturday’s night. We bought the lowest-priced ticket at RM138 per pax for free seating which is expected to be at very far behind from the stage. Today is not really a good day to hold an outdoor concert because it’s raining all day long with no sign of stopping. Luckily, we went out earlier and managed to reach the destination on time after a traffic crawl. We were all wet as we had to walk all the way from our car parked several hundred metres away to the stadium. We were all wearing raincoat and I felt really uncomfortable, but I tried my best to improve my mood few minutes before the show starts. Shown below; that’s before the concert starts.


The concert is delayed 30 minutes to provide some time to many latecomers whom were also frustrated with the rain that made things much difficult for all. On 8.15pm before the concert, Vincy Soo, a guest performer entertained the crowd but is not really that welcomed. By 8.30pm, Eason finally graced the stage with a warm welcome. His appearance set the atmosphere high and proven that the downpour did not dampen our spirit and desire to watch Eason’s performance. However, I have not heard the first few songs he sang and so I find things a bit boring in the beginning. I believed those are some of his new songs which aren’t really popular. He did brighten up the crowd with some of his short humorous talks between his songs. I didn’t know he is that entertaining and is quite a funny guy.

Not long after, we were all excited when Eason sang the popular theme song for the drama ‘Triumph in the Skies’. Everyone loved this beautiful song. As soon as the song’s melody started playing, many people were seen lifting their phones up to record. It was followed with many other popular hit songs by Eason of which I’m quite familiar with despite not having heard of them for quite some time. I had to say some Eason’s classic songs are really good and are quite unforgettable. I did sang along at some parts to join the fun. There is a guy sitting besides me whom I believed is a hardcore fans of Eason. He whom attended the concert alone knew and sang almost all of Eason’s songs of the night. Incredible.


Eason’s concert tonight was a mix of his old and new songs. Of course, I’m in favour of his old songs then which are much more touching and memorable. The concert only took two hours and so there are several popular songs that he did not sing on the night like ‘Fau Kua’ and ‘Yu Sam Yau Kuai’ of which I am eagerly waiting for. Hence, I’m slightly disappointed that he replaced those with his recent ‘not-so-cool’ songs. Nevertheless, Eason Chan delivered energetic and solid singing performance for the night. He really had a very powerful voice and he controlled every songs very well from low to high notes. There are not many fast songs performed for the night and so he danced very little, except for the last song of the concert. There are also quite a lot of creative usage of stage props and the lighting and projection displays are awesome. Overall, Eason Chan’s concert tonight was between average and good, but definitely not an outstanding one as I find almost half of the concert quite boring and not that engaging. Luckily, I didn’t pay that much for this. Anyway, Eason Chan is still a very great singer both in Cantopop and Mandopop. No one can question that.

What KL needs from an architectural point of view.

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Kuala Lumpur, or simply known as KL is the capital of Malaysia and is one of the strongest Asian cities in world economy. I have been living in the city (in its suburb to be exact) for the past 21 years. Seeing tall buildings filling the sky and trapped in traffic congestion have been part of my daily life. That’s very typical for urban living in a concrete jungle. KL, despite being a small city with less than 2 million population, has been a very wonderful city for having multi-racial people, variety of delicious foods, spectacular tourist attractions, plenty of amazing shopping malls, etc.


(Image source:



(Image source:

From architectural point of view, KL is no doubt breathtaking mostly from its iconic 452 metres tall Petronas Twin Towers that had been standing proud as the world’s tallest twin buildings since 1997. Together with 421 metres tall KL Tower (a telecommunication tower) and other surrounding cluster of buildings particularly in the city center region, the city forms a beautiful and picturesque skyline. Do you know that KL has been featured in top 20 in all websites which rate world’s best skylines individually. Its best performance stands at 8th placing from DiSerio skyline ranking, and attains 18th in latest Emporis skyline ranking. I have to agree that KL does have quite an impressive skyline, and I love to see the city from on top of a hill or even simply from a road flyover.

Well, the city is still not perfect and needs a lot of improvement on its built environment. Let me narrow it down on what the city requires from architectural perspective. First of all, it needs a beautiful and lively waterfront or parks. Major cities around the world ‘shine’ because they are situated by a river or sea. Look at Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Chicago, etc. The presence of water actually helps to enhance visual of a city. What KL needs now is to clean the existing Gombak and Klang rivers (image below) that run through the city, and then turned its surrounding into lively waterfront complete with proper facilities, cool lighting or even visual projections, and infrastructures. Many street events can then be organized there. It may become a tourist spot as well as a place of relaxation for the locals too. Currently, the river is muddy and conditions surrounding it looks bad and vandalized. A potential put to a waste.

FZCENT260511 h

(Image source:

Secondly, the city needs more efficient public transportation system. I’m happy over the recent completion of many modern-looking glass and steel pedestrian bridges (some air-conditioned) particularly in Bukit Bintang area, but that is just a start to much more needed for the city. All the existing LRT (light rail transit) stations (image below) that are over decades old should get a makeover. Currently, all the stations look like a perfect place for crime rather than a comfortable and contemporary spot for train passengers to hang around. I’m looking forward to the completion of all MRT-related works. Right now, I’m so disgusted by the excessive inconvenience from its construction to the city. I had been to Paris and I am stunned that even the bus stop over there had a striking design. I don’t understand why we couldn’t have that here in KL. It would be cool. But I guess if you have a glass and steel bus stop here, its parts would be broken or stolen the next day. Malaysians’ attitude and moral should improve too.


(Image source:,_Kuala_Lumpur.jpg)

Thirdly, the city needs not only more buildings, but also more beautifully-designed buildings. Quantity of buildings is the sign of how well a city is growing. But that is not enough to make the city much trendier or cooler. It’s the quality that matters, and hence, architecture do plays important role here. Do you wish to enter a plain square-shaped building finished only with white paint or a building that comes with interesting layout, poetic space, eye-catchy finishing, and appealing facade or elevations? KL needs more awesome-looking buildings like Telekom Tower, Starhill Gallery, Sasana Kijang Bank Negara building (image below), The Troika Towers, etc. I’m glad that many foreign international architects start to get involved into design projects in KL recently. Now, I suggest the city to build more strikingly-designed public spaces and grade-A offices with green building accreditation. ‘Environmental-friendly’ is now a hot issue in building design nowadays and KL should be aware of that.


(Image source:

Last but not least, Kuala Lumpur needs architectural conservation and preservation effort. Every cities in the world start from a small area, and then it grows to what it is now. That is the historical essence to a particular city that needs to be maintained. Historical art-deco buildings (image below) or landmarks and traditional Chinese shophouses found in the city should not be only thought of getting them demolished to make way for future development. There are still plenty of empty land in the city. These old structures can actually be transformed to put to good use or to suit to the present modern living while maintaining its historical edge. For example, a Chinese shophouse can be turned into a stylish cafe. Creative ideas are needed. I don’t really oppose to the proposal of building a new country’s tallest building, but its location in the middle of important heritage zone is so wrong. That’s the case for the Warisan Merdeka Tower, now under planning stage.


(Image source:

Feel free to provide your thought of what does KL requires, looking from its current situation for the city to become one of the world most liveable cities in the world.

KLCC and its surrounding.

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Yesterday I went to Suria KLCC, which is one of the malls I least visited in Kuala Lumpur. Reason? Expensive parking fees and not many good places to dine in the mall as compared to other nearby malls particularly in Bukit Bintang region like Pavilion KL and Berjaya Times Square. Besides than having a dinner, watching a movie, and reading architecture books at Kinokuniya bookstore, I also took the very seldom opportunity I have to walk around Petronas Twin Towers and its surrounding.

Why? That’s my favourite part. I got to observe the many cluster of buildings nearby there and analyse their design. Sounds so professional. Haha…It’s just my interest to look at buildings since architecture has been part of my life for several years already. Have you checked out my previous blog’s post here that Petronas Twin Towers are no doubt one of the world’s most famous landmarks (perhaps in top 20). Many people would love to see it, and I got to see it everyday since it’s only few kilometres away from my home. But we, locals, usually seldom take pictures of things we see in common here.

That’s not the case for me yesterday. I observed quite a wonderful surrounding of the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) region with skyscrapers and parks and so I took some photographs, acting like I was one of the tourists. There are quite a number of new buildings constructed surrounding KLCC especially luxurious apartment buildings and some other buildings in construction which made the built environment a bit much denser which is good as a sign of the city developing. Nevertheless, the KLCC park still remains as a vital green ‘heart’ of the capital city. Enjoy the breathtaking pictures I took yesterday;



(View from KLCC Park – you can see Citibank Tower, Troika Tower (current tallest residential building in Malaysia designed by Norman Foster), PNB Tower, The Oval Residence, and newly-built Felda Tower)



(View from KLCC Park to the newly-built Petronas Tower 3, Petronas Twin Towers which are former world’s tallest buildings and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings, and Maxis Tower)







The one that got my attention the most during the short walk-around I had yesterday is a surprisingly quick construction of a twin residential buildings right besides the Petronas Twin Towers and the K Residence Tower (as shown in last image above). After a further research of the project, I found out that the twin-tower complex is designed by famous foreign architect, Jean Nouvel and both the towers are going to be 49 and 43 storeys high respectively. The two towers are now rising tall to be the new companion of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. I’m also glad that there are more and more involvement of famous international architects into new projects here in Kuala Lumpur.

(The images in this post are my own property. Kindly acknowledge me and reference it if you wish to re-use one or all of the images on other sites.) 

KL’s growing skyline from past to the present, and a bit of what the city could offer in future in terms of its skyline.

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I was caught in several traffic congestion along my route to return home at Cheras from Petaling Jaya just now after a meeting. Even when there is no traffic crawl at all (which is impossible on Friday’s afternoon), it would takes me at least 30 minutes to reach home. In fact, the journey just now took me one hour. But those traffic congestion actually gives me opportunity to take some time to observe the surrounding skylines of Kuala Lumpur as I pass through the city from Petaling Jaya to Cheras. From there, I realize how fast KL develops too, in terms of building construction and the ‘growing’ of the city’s skyline.


Last time (I mean like only a decade or two ago), you can only see a group of buildings (with several tall ones) all located within a small vicinity of the city. The city area of KL is very small (population too) as compared to other major cities around the world. When I was a kid, I see KL Tower on my left, surrounded by several buildings which I found that those must have been there for quite some time. Old-looking. Mostly 80s architecture style in Malaysia. Then, the much appealing and futuristic-looking Petronas Twin Towers are on my right, on which I find that it stands out not only because of its incredible height but also of its surrounding that has very little buildings.

Now, it’s totally different. Not only did I find that there are many new buildings constructed recently (particularly modern and super expensive apartments near KLCC), but also I noticed the city is actually growing. I hardly see the lower part of Petronas Twin Towers now as the view has been blocked by several new buildings in front. Many areas within the city’s Golden Triangle also appeared to be much denser. The best view to notice that is to view the city from quite a close distance at the flyover from Kampung Pandan roundabout to Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang Plaza junction. Nearby, there is also this so-called proposed mega-project for a new city business and financial district called Tun Razak Exchange on which I believe is still under planning stage. No activities observed on that fenced site yet, but I am looking forward to this development.


Another good news is that the city will have several new quite tall buildings in the future. Yes, I’m fascinated particularly by skyscrapers. The current number of highrises in KL is not much compared to other major cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Chicago, or Dubai, and so I desired for more in my home city. KL is currently planning to have a new country’s tallest building, called Warisan Merdeka Tower but that has caused major criticism due to its location near to several historic landmarks of the city. The tower, expected to reach over 500 metres easily is much better to be placed somewhere else than on its current proposed location which is doubt going to impact negatively to its surrounding historical stadiums, schools, and the nearby Chinatown.

Not only did the city grows within its area itself, many developers now prefer to stretch out a bit further from the congested capital. The outcome; several new cluster of buildings (like forming their own baby-skyline) nearby the city centre. These areas are like KL Sentral area (nearest to city centre) – with many Grade-A office buildings very close to each other recently constructed in the region, Mid Valley area – new cluster of mostly glass-cladded buildings surrounding the megamall accompanying the impressive-looking Telekom Tower, and Mont Kiara area – home to many complex of office buildings and apartments nearby the new National Palace of Malaysia.

Few minutes ago, I have read an interesting article from this source: , written by Amer that tells roughly how the KL’s skyline grows from 1960s to the present day. It’s an amazing article due to the simple yet engaging elaboration as well as depiction of many photographs of the city back in the olden days which are definitely hard-to-be-seen nowadays. Those historical images are priceless. You may click the link I put above to read the article too. Hmm…I would love to see KL to grow in much faster rate so that it would have much awesome and ‘wow’-looking skyline in near future, and also enable us to show off to the world one day how the capital of Malaysia is.

(Images in this post are from skyscrapercity forum page discussing on skyline of Kuala Lumpur city).

Worsening haze in KL now…

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Last Saturday was the last day we see the clear blue sky over Kuala Lumpur. At least clearer than what we see these two days. Yesterday, the first thing I realize as soon as I woke up; what is the smell? Ehh…it’s the smell of the air outside. That’s how bad it is. The smog has even penetrated into my home even when we have closed all the doors and windows. The haze has now returns to Kuala Lumpur after making its stop earlier at Singapore. And I got a recent news yesterday that API reading at Muar, Johor rises up to 750, the highest ever recorded in 16 years. That’s crazy. I’m really worried if KL hits that figure too soon. Wait…where is KLCC? I can’t see it…I think the picture below had already shown KLCC at the clearest these two days. Got it?



(Image source:

It is really very hazy out there. Visibility drops to a point that I could barely see the hill which is very near behind my house. The smell is almost unbearable especially to me who has quite a sensitive nose and had asthma history. On Sunday, I just went out quickly just for lunch and dinner. The rest of the time; at home. Ahh, it’s good to be a student. You don’t need to go to school today as the government had announced closures of all schools in several states including in Kuala Lumpur. For me who has to work, I have to go to work too. No excuse, since I would be working all the eight hours inside an air-conditioned room unlike those who has to work outdoors.

Just a few advice to people here currently experiencing the haze which is quite bad to our health. Try to stay indoor most of the time. Drink plenty of water. Wear mask when you are outside. Rinse your eyes when you feel uncomfortable or itchy on your eyes. And drive extra carefully on roads at this point of time when visibility is quite low. Even today, I felt slightly not well on my throat and eyes already when the haze has just hit my place for two days. More is coming as it is reported that the hotspots in Sumatra (the cause of the haze) has doubled yesterday. That means thicker haze is on their way to Peninsular Malaysia. Oh…no!

Previously, it is the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore that were hit hard by the severe smog with API (air pollution index) or PSI (pollution standard index) hitting very unhealthy or even hazardous level. Then, now, wind blows the haze to the central part of Malaysia, and that’s where Kuala Lumpur, the capital, my place is. Thanks to my neighbour country for contributing this special gift (haze) for almost once every year. And they are blaming on Malaysian companies for doing open burning at their place, not realizing that it is their authority that gives approval to those responsible companies. And also they mentioned that Singapore behave like a child when the latter sends warning to Indonesia to tackle the issue. Wait, the haze comes from where first? Indonesia. I believe the three countries should sit together and discuss for a long-term solution to prevent haze from occurring again which is bad to people’s health and to economy.

Many people are now making hilarious comments or responses regarding the haze. Even my colleague today joked that they are now working at Genting Highlands since there are a lot of mist out there (it’s actually smog). Everyone must be talking about the haze now. It’s predicted to last for another few weeks more. Oh my…have to stand with this kind of atmosphere for that long. Some said that yesterday’s night, we are supposed to see supermoon of the year, the event when Moon is closest to the Earth in the year. I saw a slightly bigger moon, but it turns out in dark orange to us, thanks to the trapped dust particles at the sky here in Malaysia due to the haze that made the moon to look like this. Haze, when will you go away?

Beautiful and stunning images of KL skyline

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In my previous post, I have highlighted on skyscrapers present in Kuala Lumpur, the city I’m living in for the past 21 years since I was born. I took architecture study and now I am in the architecture career. Hence, looking at buildings in the city and how great the city’s skyline is are my interest. Sometimes, I would find some time to search for some impressive images of the skyline of KL. I myself didn’t have the passion to take amazing photographs and I’m not a professional in such area. But if I am given the opportunity, I would love to have a day of break, then exploring around the city to find great angles or locations to capture the city’s skyline at its best.

But for now, I would like to share here some stunning images of my city’s skyline to my blog readers. These images are taken by others who are kind to share it out in skyscrapercity forum. A picture tells a thousand words. This is in fact true. So, less words here and let’s enjoy the visuals. (Click on it for larger and for much breathtaking effect)









My everyday’s view to the city can never be better than those seen in photographs above. Well, I think there is heavy editing works to make it to look more fantastic. Eventhough KL is still lacking behind in terms of skyline quality compared to bigger cities like Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai or Chicago, but I am still proud of living in this city that does not only provides an impressive skyline, but also iconic for its multi-cultural architecture found in traditional and modern buildings in the city. I believe, to further boost the ranking of KL in terms of skyline, it has to have more magnificent-looking buildings, more highrises, and better urban planning and management.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web.)

Kuala Lumpur’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings in 2013

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It is usual for me to update the list of world’s top 10 tallest buildings for like once in a year. However, I find myself not doing that to another list that I believed I have created quite a long time; top 10 tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur. KL, my home city, is the capital of Malaysia and is the home to world’s tallest twin buildings and other astonishing skyscrapers or highrises. The city which is not too dense allow ‘breathing’ or free spaces for greeneries and also gives opportunity for buildings to rise and soar to the sky prominently.

According to Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Kuala Lumpur is ranked no.10 in the list of world’s tallest urban agglomeration. KL is also ranked no.8 in the famous Diserio’s ranking in the list of world’s best skylines, defeating many other much famous or bigger cities around the world. Besides than that, the city had also achieved quite an impressive ranking in many other similar lists related to tall buildings available in the respective city. So, I’m a bit proud of my own city, eventhough there is still a lot of improvement needed for KL to become truly one of the top. (Click on images below for larger and much stunning view)


In recent years, there are quite a number of prominent developments in the city, with some projected to go beyond 200 metres in height when built which would be a great addition to the magnificent skyline of KL. Hence, I believe I should post up the latest list of top ten tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur in year 2013. The previous list I have previously produced back several years ago should be ignored already. Here it is, the latest list in order: (Before scrolling down, if you are a Malaysian, try to guess which buildings in KL made it to the list as one of the tallest in the city. And check how many you have guess correctly).

1. Petronas Tower 1 – 452 metres. 88 floors. Completed in 1998. Former world’s tallest building to architectural top, and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings together with Petronas Tower 2.

2. Petronas Tower 2 – 452 metres. 88 floors. Completed in 1998. Former world’s tallest building to architectural top, and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings together with Petronas Tower 1.


3. Menara Telekom – 310 metres. 55 floors. Completed in 2001. It was the world’s tallest building constructed in year 2001.


4. Carigali Headquarters Tower - 267 metres. 58 floors. Completed in 2011. Also known as Petronas Tower 3.


5. Menara Maybank – 244 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 1988. It was once the country’s tallest building before the construction of Petronas Twin Towers.


6. Vista Tower – 238 metres. 62 floors. Completed in 1994. Formerly known as Empire Tower.


7. Menara Felda – 216 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2012.


8. Menara Maxis – 212 metres. 49 floors. Completed in 1998.


9. Menara Am Bank – 210 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 1998.


10. The Troika Tower 3 – 204 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2010. Current tallest residential building in KL and in Malaysia too.


There are four more buildings that reach over 200 metres in height respectively too that I wish to mention here as an extension to the list. That means now KL had 14 buildings beyond 200 metres in height. Quite impressive, eventhough this doesn’t match to the record of bigger cities like Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai and Dubai.

11. Berjaya Times Square Tower 1 – 203 metres. 48 floors. Completed in 2003.

12. Berjaya Times Square Tower 2 – 203 metres. 48 floors. Completed in 2003.


13. K Residence – 202 metres. 50 floors. Completed in 2008. It was once the tallest residential building in KL before being overtaken by The Troika Tower 3.


14. Lot G Office Tower A – 200 metres. 37 floors. Completed in 2013.


By end of this year, there would be another building joining the list of top 10, kicking The Troika Tower 3 out of the ranking. The building is KKR2 Tower which is projected to be completed by end of this year. The building under construction now is at its final stage and has topped out to its final height of 210 metres. Once built, it would be in the top 10 list, putting the number of buildings in Kuala Lumpur that reach over 200 metres in height to 15 in total.


Also not to miss out is the KL Tower. It is one of the tallest towers (telecommunication and observation) in the world with a height of 421 metres. Currently, it is seventh tallest tower in the world. Together with Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower has been a very prominent landmark in the city.


And that is going to further increase tremendously in the second half of the current decade when Malaysia is getting nearer to Vision 2020 as there are currently many constructions and proposal of future projects underway in the city. Great! Looking forward to see more of not only mere tall buildings, but also fantastically-looking skyscrapers in the city.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

Earth Hour 2013 around the world…KL is not doing that well.

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Earth Hour 2013 was officially over with quite a remarkable success around the world, with more participating countries, cities, towns and people. It is now proven to be the world’s largest mass voluntary action, started by Sydney in Australia back in 2007. Have you turned off your lights on that particular night of the Earth Hour? Have you told or encourage others to do so? (it would be a good move). How do you go through that night with no or less lights? The feeling is kind off great right, and it gives us opportunity to enjoy the only source of light from the stars and the moon up on the sky. At least, we were part of this global event this year!

Here below are some of the very beautiful images of famous landmarks or places around the world taken before and during Earth Hour 2013. I guess you don’t need me to name each landmarks shown here. The images begin with the founding city of the event, Sydney of course.

Sydney Goes Dark For Earth Hour

Earth Hour - The Eiffel Tower, Paris-1781804

Singapore Goes Dark For Earth Hour

WWF/Earth Hour Global Event Observed in London

Combo photo of the financial Central District of Hong Kong before and during Earth Hour





Yes, the last picture, that’s the Petronas Twin Towers in my city, Kuala Lumpur. Hmm…the city is actually not doing that well for this event. Only iconic landmarks like twin towers, KL Tower and several popular buildings and shopping malls switched off their lights in the city. Many other buildings still have their lights on as I observed. The impact before and during Earth Hour at that night in the city is only somewhere around 10%. It’s mainly because the city is typically dark every night due to lack of decorative lightings on the buildings in the city (except the twin towers and KL Tower obviously), unlike others like New York, Shanghai or Hong Kong. So, actually, KL celebrates Earth Hour every day.

That night, I was there passing by the twin towers after the Earth Hour. Opps, I didn’t manage to see the towers switching off its lights for the event. When I passed by the area, the twin towers were back to brightly lit state. But I’m very annoyed by the Earth Hour concert held right in front of the towers on the plaza. It’s Earth Hour with objective of saving electricity, and yet, those people were organizing things that waste much more electricity. It’s noisy with a lot of speakers, a lot of spotlights or moving lights were installed for the show, and people (typical Malaysians) threw rubbish everywhere. What the…!!! There’s no more meaning of turning off lights of the twin towers when you guys are crazy wasting up electricity below in event under the name of Earth Hour. Total irony. KL! Be like other cities please…many are not supportive, while some whom are supportive are doing it the wrong way.

On the other hand, next year’s Earth Hour is confirmed to be on 29th March 2014.

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

What’s happening to the Four Seasons Place in KL?

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Right after I published my previous post regarding the newly-opened JW Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel that is now the world’s tallest hotel building, I was reminded back to a particular project back in my home city, Kuala Lumpur. Few years ago, it was announced that there would be a development by Four Seasons Hotel on a site besides the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin buildings. Well, that was several years ago when this proposal is called out.

At that time, there are already some renderings released which indicates how the development would looks like once built. It would be a complex of two towers (one higher that goes over 70 storeys and another one much shorter). That was the first proposal. Well, it is good since we are going to have new a supertall building in KL soon and that would be Malaysia’s tallest hotel. Time flies, and there is an amendment to the proposal not long after. The development is now limited to only a single tower of around 60 to 70 storeys and is to be called as Four Seasons Place, the first in South East Asia and third in the world.

Fine. I saw the site besides the Petronas Twin Towers was cleared quite long ago to make way for this construction. However, there seems to be no progress over at the site at all after so many months (or even years). What’s happening to it? On-hold or what? I hate when such an ambitious project gets on-hold and it’s just right besides our twin towers landmark. Then, today I checked upon its status. Luckily, it was now not on-hold. It is officially launched last month as Four Seasons Place, a 65-storeys building comprises of luxurious residences and hotel rooms as well as a huge shopping mall (I find there is too many shopping malls in KL alone). It would also have the highest swimming pool (at over 300 metres above ground) in Malaysia and South East Asia.




Once built, it would be the third tallest building in Malaysia (right behind its neighbour, the Petronas Twin Towers) and the tallest hotel residences building in Malaysia. Then, I checked on the renderings and I was surprised that the design looks almost completely changed. But this latest outcome is much better and more appealing to me than the previous design. But I don’t know who is the architect behind this…I’m looking forward to the completion of this project which is expected to be in year 2016 or 2017. Go..go..go..let’s build this thing fast. It’s already been delayed for several years. I’m looking forward to have this beautiful skyscraper in KL. It’s going to be over 320 metres tall too (around 10 metres taller than Telekom Tower). That is generally tall enough to offer great views over the surrounding city of KL. The site of the development shown below (the empty lot on the right side).

2323qu(All images and information in this post are from skyscrapercity forum.)



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